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The history of South Africa is marked by hundreds of years of power struggles between European settlers and native peoples. The European settlement began in the 17th century. The Dutch established a colonial

government in South Africa. After that also the British colonists made several attempts to take over South Africa from the Dutch. Then, in 1800's large deposits of gold and diamonds were discovered in South Africa.

That made the settlers more interested to take the land. Armed conflicts finally settled the matter. The British won. Then in 1910, the Union of South Africa was formed. It was an independent country but still part of

the British Empire.


In 1948 Apartheid started. The white population, which was the minority, controlled the country. They had many privileges and they were the most richest in the country.

They favoured segregation, and the apartheid rule.


Nelson Mandela, a black man, after 27 years of the prison, led the African National Congress to victory in South Africa's first free elections where all people could vote. Mandela became the fisrt black  president of

South Africa on 26th April 1994. Then the apartheid finished. 




Under apartheid, sporting facilities were segregated and black and white players were in two different teams. As a result, South Africa was banned from international sport competitions. When the apartheid finished,

sport became multi-racial and South African teams were allowed once more to compete in world sporting events. Rugby is the most famous sport in South Africa.



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The struggles were between American settlers and Native people.

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In 1984 the Apartheid started. 

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In 1910 the Union of South Africa was formed.

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Nelson Mandela was the second black president. 

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Apartheid finished  after the 26 April 1994

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Football is the most famous sport in South Africa.